Dominik Steffan



Dominik was fascinated and touched by music from an early age. Supported by his family and his friends, he started to get involved in several kinds of projects and learning instruments like E-Bass and synthesizer. Even before entering a band and playing the first gig’s, he also had a passion for collecting all kinds of different music—electronic made up a huge part of it and still does. Getting frequent feedback, that people enjoyed the selection he prepared for various gatherings, the seed for mixing it smoothly together and creating a harmonious atmosphere was planted.
At younger age, he played at local occasions as a sideline activity, like the most DJ’s in their beginnings. But when other aspects of life had to be pursued, DJing was put more and more to the background until it came to an end.
After nearly two years in a spiritual exile, traveling, broaden his horizons, he got in contact with creating music again in Leipzig.
By this time, reconnected to his passion, discovered fulfilment and the urge to show that to the people around him.
A lot of this inspiration was taken from Ibiza and the emanation it is surrounded in. The Sets are always in liaison of the atmosphere and the motivation to bring flow and connection to the dance floor. Apart from being a DJ he studied Psychology, Computer Science & Egyptology writing about connecting the inner truth with music in modern life.